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American Milking Devon

We currently have several beautiful heifer and bull calves and bred yearlings available. These calves/yearlings are the product of our line-breeding program discussed on the Devon page. They will have been haltered and handled regularly. From time-to-time we have mature bulls and bred cows available. These cows are being sold to make room in our herd for the line-bred A2/A2 heifers we are adding to our herd.

A $400 per animal deposit is required with your order. Orders are filled in the same sequence as they are received. Please contact us for more information.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work hard to ensure that we produce the absolute best representatives of the breed and take immense pride when our customers express their satisfaction

April Matinasek, Clifton, VA 2021

“We have had the pleasure of working with Richard and his Devon herd over the last year. We are fortunate to be in Northern VA, not too far away and he has been such a HUGE help to us newbie cow owners. Anytime we have a question or need anything, he has been most helpful. He also helped us with getting her bred the first time, finding a vet, all these things. No question is too big or too small, breeding to halters to hay. We look forward to many more years working with him for our small family heritage herd.”

Beth Iocco, Raphine, VA 2021

“Our calves (two steers for oxen) are doing wonderfuly!”

Jessie Paul, Rockingham, VA 2020

"After researching family cow breeds, we settled on the American Milking Devon for their thrift, heartiness, gentle nature, and rich, delicious milk. We found Richard through the association website. He was kind, helpful, and very generous with his time as I asked many questions. We purchased our bred heifer and picked her up in October 2020. She calved in April 2021, and after training her to milk, we were rewarded with superb Devon milk and a special bond with a calm family cow with unmatched benefits."

Tiffany Kuzniar, Manton, MI 2020

“The calves are both becoming wonderful companions for us. They enjoy lots of attention and have adjusted well to their new home and us. We regularly have people come by just to see our rare breed of cattle. Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for this special breed. It was a pleasant experience working with you and I would recommend your farm to anyone looking for high
quality AMDs.”

Jen Ferinde, Locust Grove, VA 2019 

"Richard has been such a help to us from our first step into American Milking Devons till now. He walked us through our first purchase of a bull as well as sharing logistics with us as we contemplated creating our own small American milking Devon herd. He has always been available for every question and every concern from trimming hoofs, processing steers, to purchasing trailers and selling stock. To find a livestock farmer who is willing to come along side a newbie and walk beside them with a smile is a blessing in this day and age and I will forever be thankful for it! You couldn’t ask for a kinder man.”

Terry Scoggin, Madison, GA (American Milking Devon)

“In the Spring of 2015, we decided to purchase a registered American Milking Devon (AMD) heifer. After contacting several breeders, we decided to purchase our heifer from Mr. Larson. We felt very comfortable working with him as he was very knowledgeable and patient with all our questions.
When we arrived at Old Gjerpen farm, all of the livestock was calm and non-fearful in nature. It was quite pleasing when we saw our heifer for the first time. She was everything Richard said she was and more. Our heifer was gentle, as she was said to be, even to the point that after about three weeks of being on our farm, I put her in the yoke with one of our other heifers and after only 45 minutes of training she was working as expected. We are very pleased with our heifer and would purchase more AMD cattle from Richard.”

Sandra Sebastian – KY (2012)

“In looking for a family cow I began reading the description of the American Milking Devon I realized this breed had all the traits I was looking for in a family cow. I found Richard through the American Milking Devon Association. He was very quick to respond, and I knew immediately that he was very knowledgeable about this breed of cattle. I explained what I was looking for and he felt his heifer met all my criteria.
HE WAS RIGHT!!! Bella (her new name) exemplifies all the characteristics of a true American Milking Devon. She is kind, curious, very intelligent and exceptionally easy to handle, not to mention beautiful. She has become a member of our family and we can't thank Richard enough for his excellent attention to her breeding lines and also going the extra mile to work with her before we arrived.”

Lester Lapp, Bird-In-Hand, PA, writing about the two heifer calves and a yearling heifer purchased in 2010

“I was impressed with the health, size, and nature of the heifers I received from you. Thank you.”