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Breeding a Tradition of Excellence

2021 Mid-Atlantic American Milking Devon Regional Show

Six breeders entered 45 head in the 2021 show. For the third consecutive year, OGF heifers placed first in both the spring and winter heifer classes. For the second consecutive year, OGF heifers placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the winter class. And, for the third consecutive year, an OGF heifer was awarded Champion Heifer. OGF Virginia Georgia was the Champion Heifer, and OGF Virginia Elaine was the Reserve Champion Senior Heifer. Perhaps even more important was having all seven OGF heifers receive “Blue Cards” (Excellent) when individually evaluated against the breed standard.

Georgia "OGF Virgnia Georgia" Champion Heifer
Elaine"OGF Virginia Elaine" Reserve Champion Senior Heifer

2019 Mid-Atlantic American Milking Devon Regional Show

The largest gathering of AMD cattle and breeders in 80 years came together in Virginia for three days of comradery and competition. OGF offspring from three bulls (Trailblazer, Confederate & Slocum) did quite well competing against 49 head in the regional show.

Princess "OGF Virginia Princess" Champion Heifer
Grand Champion Female
Diana "OGF Virginia rebel" Reserve Champion Bull

diana "OGF Virginia Diana"
Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer
borgia "OGF Carolina Borgia"
Reserve Champion Young Cow

In the six individual classes entered, OGF was awarded four blue (1st) and three red (2nd) ribbons. OGF also placed first in the Three Heifers and Dam & Daughter classes. OGF received the Premier Breeder Award for the second consecutive year.

ring OGF Virginia Beauty, Elaine & Eleanor , 1st 2nd & 3rd Spring Heifer class

On Sunday the cattle were individually evaluated – Card Graded - using the breed standards. They received either a Blue (Excellent), Red (Good), Yellow (Acceptable), or White (Unacceptable) card. OGF was awarded six Blue cards and one Red card.

2018 Mid-Atlantic American Milking Devon Regional Show

OGF Virginia Devons from three separate bulls (Allen, Trailblazer & Confederate) did exceptionally well in the October Regional AMD show where ten breeders, exhibiting 31 AMD, competed for top honors.

Governor "OGF Virginia Governor" Champion Bull
Grand Champion AMD
Diana "OGF Virginia Diana" Grand Champion Female
Champion Heifer

Cornelia "OGF Virginia Cornelia" Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer Duke "OGF Virginia Duke" Reserve Champion AMD
Reserve Champion Bull


"OGF April" Reserve Champion Cow

OGF also placed first in the Dam & Daughter and Breeders Herd classes.  OGF recieved the Premier Breeder Award, based on cumulated points.

2017 Virginia State Fair

In the Virginia State Fair Dairy Show, Mercy was selected as the Senior Champion and Grand Champion Female. OGF Virginia Constantina was awarded Junior Champion Female.

Constantina and Mercy 2017 Virginia State Fair

Constantina & Mercy


2016 Virginia State Fair

Participating for the first time in the Virginia State Fair Dairy Show, OGF Carolina Borgia was selected as Junior Champion and Grand ChampionOGF Carolina Bonnie was awarded Reserve Junior Champion.

Carolina Borgia at 2016 Virginia State Fair

OGF Carolina Borgia

What does it mean?

We are sometimes asked, how much weight should a prospective buyer give to the show record of an individual animal? The answer is simple. On a particular day, that individual animal was the best in the ring in the professional opinion of a judge. The results of one show are not necessarily a guarantee of quality breeding or superior genetics.

Cumulatively however, over a period of years, show results can be a reliable predictor of a high probability of genetic replication. Simply stated, a herd that consistently places at or near the top of its classes, representing the professional opinion of multiple judges over many years (and thus successive generations of cattle), offers a much greater likelihood that the offspring from this herd will be the same high quality as the individual heifer or bull you are considering purchasing.


2019 was the fourth year for showing OGF AMDs.  For the fourth consecutive year OGF AMD consistently placed at or near the top of their classes and garnered multiple champion and grand champion awards.  You are welcome to stop by and meet our herd in person.